6 Guitars premiered in the 2010 Orlando International Fringe Festival where it was greeted with sold out houses and standing ovations. Since then is has travelled internationally becoming one of the most successful shows from the Canadian Fringe Festival Circuit by breaking attendance records, Pick of the Fringe awards and receiving high praise from critics. In 2013, it became one of the top 5 highest grossing shows in the history of the Winnipeg Fringe Festival by selling nearly 3000 tickets in 12 days.

But who are these 6 characters and where did this ground breaking idea come to light?

In  2007, Chase graduated from the University of Centre Florida with a Bachelors Degree in Music and Arts. Not knowing where a next step would lead him, he worked at theme parks in Orlando in roles as both an actor and musician. Realizing his love for creating characters and music, he envisioned a one-man show where each character is based off of different people in his own life, with some more fictitious that others.

What’s really super about this show, is that it’s an amalgam of all the things he does with the musical characters and experiences that have made big impressions in his life. Two of the characters are actually based off of professors he has in college, one of which is him when we was nineteen!

Armed with only a guitar and speaker, Chase portrays 6 different characters as they talk about their particular type of music, play songs and tell stories of what drew them to their style of playing.


Tyrone is an 87-year-old blues guitarist who is funny and flirty and frank about his simple views on life.


Emanuel is a classical guitarist from Mexico who talks a mile a minute and speaks in magical metaphors about his craft.


Rupert is a country guitar picker who turned to music when he fell off his roof playing football with his family.


Wesley plays jazz guitar and is both vainglorious about the fact that jazz is too complicated for most people to understand and a little pissed that so many people don’t get his type of music.


Peter is a 50’s hippie folk guitarist that is just so happy everyone is all together sharing in the music.

As doors fly open for Chase, he likes to pass on some words of encouragement for up-and-coming young artists.

“My advice to any young person is to always strive to be better than you currently are. Money and fame are no substitute for character. Always follow your joy. For independent artists I say, learn how to produce your own stuff and learn to make it the best you can. You have to teach yourself digital media tools. Yeah, do your songs, but also learn WordPress. There has never been a better time for independent artists. We live in a great age of successful evolution. You need to have artistic integrity, and be proud of your work as an artist, but also be aware of the things that translate that artistry into career success.”

Get your tickets to one of three performances of 6 Guitars this November 26 to 28th, all at 8pm.