The Art Gallery at Evergreen will accept unsolicited submissions at any time. If you would like to propose an exhibition for the Art Gallery please be considerate of the following:


The Art Gallery at Evergreen shows mid-career to senior Canadian and international artists dedicated to their own unique artistic practice. The Gallery is committed to moving forward and working with innovative artists interested in expanding notions of gallery space, community practice and theory. Additionally, the Gallery has a strong pedagogical focus and the educational potential of each exhibition is strongly considered.

Gallery Size

The Art Gallery is 1500 square feet with 129 running feet. There is also 72 running feet of temporary wall space (nine – 4 x 8 ft moveable walls).

Proposal Guidelines

Please include the following in your exhibition proposal:

  • A cover letter summarizing the interests pursued in your work and a clear statement of your intention.
  • Biographical outline of your education, career, exhibition history, and contact information.
  • Articles or reviews that have been published about your work.
  • A one-page artist statement that discusses the work submitted, methods, and techniques.
  • Digital images of your work on a DVD, CD, or USB drive.
  • Please provide a self-addressed stamped envelope with enough postage to return your materials. We will not be able to keep your materials, or pay the cost of return shipping.

We receive numerous exhibition requests throughout the year and response to submissions may take up to three months. The Art Gallery at Evergreen plans its exhibitions well in advance, aiming to have an upcoming exhibition schedule in place for the next two years. This provides us with time to plan and organize exhibitions as well as related educational, marketing and fundraising initiatives.

Gregory Elgstrand
Visual Arts Manager
Evergreen Cultural Centre
1205 Pinetree Way
Coquitlam, BC V3B 7Y3

Note: The Art Gallery at Evergreen offers CARFAC fees to professional artists exhibiting in the gallery. For group exhibitions, we divide the fee among the exhibiting artists. We are not a commercial gallery and will not offer your artwork for sale.