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Sleeping Beauty Dreams

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February 9, 7pm


An international collaboration between Presentation House Theatre and Marionetas de la Esquina (Mexico City)

Sleeping Beauty Dreams

Written by Amaranta Leyva

Directed by Lourdes Perez Gay

Sleeping Beauty Dreams begins with a childless queen who wishes to have a baby more than anything else in the world. After all, her maid is lucky enough to have a beautiful baby boy, why can’t she have a baby too? One day, a magical frog appears and grants the queen her wish. In exchange, the queen must promise the frog that he can be the baby’s godmother. When the queen decides not to keep her promise to the frog (after all, a frog isn’t really an appropriate godmother, right?), the frog places a curse on the princess: if she ever pricks her finger, she will fall asleep for many, many years. In order to protect their lovely daughter from the curse, the king and queen refuse to let the princess leave the castle—ever! As the years go by, the princess becomes more and more curious about the world outside the castle walls. Meanwhile, the maid’s son keeps wishing he can join his mother inside the castle, where she works day and night for the queen. When the maid’s son and the princess run into each other (literally!), it seems they are destined for each other. But what about the curse the frog has placed on the princess? Will this story end happily ever after? You’ll have to see for yourself!

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