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The Secrets of Eternity

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Sunday, June 18, 8pm


The Secrets of Eternity – اسرار ازل

A collaboration of members of Vancouver’s Vashaan and Diba Persian music ensembles. This is a two-part concert in the traditional modes of Dashti and Nava and it will be the Canadian debut of Iranian vocalist, Mahbobeh Golzari. The ensemble is a unique sextet which revolves around the ancient sound of a trio of Setars (long necked lute) performed by Ali Razmi, Peyman Rouhandeh, and Hossein Meimani. They are joined on the Ney flute by Amir Eslami, the Oud by Ali Sajjadi and the Tombak by Hamin Honari.

The guest singer Mahbobeh Golzari is a disciple of the greatest Masters of Persian Classical singing including, Mohammad-Reza Shajarian, Hossein Alizadeh, Mohammad-Reza Lotfi, Parissa, Mohsen Keramati and SaeedehSaeedi. She has had the honour of participating with the prestigious vocal ensemble Ham-Avayan which is led by Hossein Alizadeh. Her voice is also featured in the Lullaby track for the award-winning film Turtles Can Fly, which was directed by Bahman Ghobadi with music by Hossein Alizadeh. Mahboubeh has a long history of collaboration with Iranian composer Amir Eslami Mirbad.She is a featured vocalist on several of his albums including the most recent recording, Dami ba Peer Balkh (2017).

“اسرار ازل” کنسرت موسیقی کلاسیک ایرانی با حضور خواننده مدعو از ایران “محبوبه گلزاری” و همکاری گروه های موسیقی وشان و دیبا.
این کنسرت در دو بخش دشتی و نوا و با اجرای آثاری از امیر اسلامی، علی رزمی و حسین میمنی خواهد بود.
علی رزمی: سه تار
پیمان روهنده: سه تار
حسین میمنی: سه تار
علی سجادی: عود
امیر اسلامی: نی
هامین هنری: سازهای کوبه ای

Ticket prices: $35 



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