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Serving the Tri-Cities for over twenty years, the Art Gallery at Evergreen engages visitors through curated exhibitions, activated by public programs and dynamic school workshops. The AGE focuses on contemporary art and ideas explored by professional artists working in all mediums. We believe that art is integral to the fabric of daily life and seek opportunities to connect people with artists and the creative process. 

Header image: Installation view of Gwenessa Lam and Hyung-Min Yoon: Trace, Art Gallery at Evergreen, 2020. Photo: Rachel Topham Photography

Annie Briard, In Possible Lands VII, 2020, inkjet on vinyl, Courtesy of the Artist.
Annie Briard: In Possible Lands

Outdoor Installation, Evergreen Cultural Centre


In Possible Lands (2020) pairs superimposed photographs of the landscape—one captured 45 years ago by the artist’s father, and the other a present-day image taken by Annie Briard—that together evoke a sense of wonder with their vivid colours and majestic yet familiar subjects. But examined up close, they reveal a world altered by human action.

Annie Briard is a visual and media artist from Montreal, currently based in Vancouver. Creating lens-based and light-focused works, her art challenges how we make sense of the world through visual perception.

This series is installed on the exterior lobby windows of the Evergreen Cultural Centre near Lafarge Lake, Town Centre Park.

Installation view of Gwenessa Lam and Hyung-Min Yoon: Trace, exhibition at the Art Gallery at Evergreen, 2020. Photo: Rachel Topham Photography.



This exhibition is part of the 2020 Capture Photography Festival Selected Exhibition Program.
Gwenessa Lam and Hyung-Min Yoon: Trace

Online Exhibition


Every day, we peer into a black mirror and ask it to help us understand the world. We wake our sleeping, darkened screens and attempt to make sense of the world through pixels and bytes. We read newsfeeds, “favourite” Tweets, send emails, scroll through Instagram feeds. The devices that feed us this information are black boxes in more than just their colour and shape—their systems and processes remain opaque and largely unknowable to us, the users.

The exhibition Trace brings together artworks by Gwenessa Lam and Hyung-Min Yoon that explore the power of the black mirror in a range of its incarnations. Through multiple mediums, including artists’ books, sculpture and printmaking, Lam and Yoon consider the circulation of images and the evolution of their meaning across time, countries and platforms.

View this exhibit online on our Instagram page or on our Art Gallery Playlist on Youtube!


Family Days                                                                                         

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Looking for a fun, free and engaging way to spend time with your family? Join us for family-friendly tours of our current exhibition and take part in a fun art-making activity!

AGE Youth Committee

The AGE Youth Committee is a group of visual arts loving volunteers who support the Art Gallery at Evergreen by helping to create engaging content for younger gallery visitors.

Recent projects include a zine publication, field trips to Emily Carr University of Art + Design and Equinox Gallery, bookbinding and embroidery workshops, and ongoing input on gallery programming. All projects are led by AGE Youth Committee members, with facilitation from our gallery staff. Our goal is to provide our youth committee with the tools and resources they need to make desired programming possible.

Interested in joining the committee? Contact our Volunteer Coordinator:


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