Hello out there, around the world and in the universe! I’m writing to you from my desk at the Evergreen Cultural Centre in beautiful Coquitlam, British Columbia. Today and hopefully many upcoming Friday’s, I will be asking my colleagues some questions – nothing too intrusive! We want our patrons to get to know out staff.

To start off this inaugural post, we have Amanda, who works as the Box Office Coordinator!

Favourite colour? Purple

What sort of hobbies do you do in your spare time?
Curling, Taekwondo, Board Games, and Kick Boxing

Do you have any pets?
Unfortunately not, although I sometimes steal my boyfriend’s cat

What do you enjoy the most working at Evergreen?
Everyone else on staff. It’s definitely one of the best work environments I’ve been a part of.

What is your favourite movie?
The Labyrinth with David Bowie

Do you travel? If so, what has been your favourite place to travel to?
I spent 2 months in the UK after I graduated high school, and I absolutely adored Scotland. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is amazing!

Do you have any siblings?
A twin sister

What are your favourite and least favourite foods?
My favourite food would be curry and my least favourite would be mushrooms

Tell me about your favourite moment working for the Evergreen.
My favourite moment so far would have to be our staff retreat to the Rennie Gallery and a performance of The Lion King at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre.
Wow! I feel like I already know so much more, don’t you? Thanks for reading today folks. Until next time, this is Haley signing off – and wishing you all a very wonderful Labour Day weekend! Cheers!