Hello out there, around the world and in the universe! Welcome once again to another instalment of getting to know our staff at Evergreen. This morning we’re learning a little more about Michael Charrois. Let’s get to it!

What department do you work at in Evergreen
Performing Arts

Favourite colour?

What sort of hobbies do you do in your spare time?
I grow food in my little garden (it’s like printing your own money) and progressive political action.

Do you have any pets?
A 10 year old SPCA rescue dog named Eddy and a cat called Lucky that found us on the street.

What do you enjoy the most working at Evergreen?
Laughter and creating.

What is your favourite movie?
1992 Academy Award-winning Clint Eastwood film Unforgiven because I’m in it.

Do you travel? If so, what has been your favourite place to travel to?
Scotland, my wife is Glaswegian.

Do you have any siblings?
Two younger brothers.

What are your favourite and least favourite foods?
I love soup and sandwich but can’t stand jujubes that stick to my teeth.

Tell me about your favourite moment working for the Evergreen.
I have many favorite moments but I particularly enjoy when Kids on Stage comes together.
Wow! I feel like I already know so much more, don’t you? Thanks for reading today folks. Until next time, this is Haley signing off – Cheers!