Westminster Savings Family Days at the AGE

Westminster Savings Family Days aims to help build an appreciation of the arts by bringing families together in an Art Gallery setting. Visitors will tour the exhibition in the Art Gallery at Evergreen and participate in a variety of entertaining and illuminating activities led by our Art Gallery staff. All Family Days are drop-in and there is no charge to participate.

2017 Westminster Family Days Schedule

1:00 – 4:00pm | Drop-in | Free family event

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 16 September 2017 – Dot-Day All-Day

Use coloured dots to create an image inspired by one of the current works in our exhibition, Colour Burst. What can you do with a dot?

21 October 2017 – Colour Burst Sculpture

Red and Blue Make…? Come and find out how to mix colours in a unique way by assembling coloured filters together to create a 3D sculpture.

25 November 2017 – Project Collage

Use magazines, books, paper and more, to create a collage. Cut or tear material into various shapes with gluing and assembling to create a strange image that can only be imagined.

16 December 2017 – Holiday Wreath

Try your hand at making this handy wreath! Start by tracing your hand numerous times, then glue each shape together to create a personalized wreath.  

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