Enter the world that Amalie Atkins built. Set just beyond the veil of reality, a familiar prairie landscape transforms into something resembling the setting of a fairy tale. In Atkins’s marvelous realm, an all-female cast embarks on an epic journey.   

The exhibition where the hour floats at the Art Gallery at Evergreen presented short, looping films and large-format photographs from the artist’s larger project entitled we live on the edge of disaster and imagine we are in a musical (2010–). While Atkins’s imagery is rooted in the Canadian Prairies, she explores common experiences drawn from the human condition that are not tied to specific places or times. In its telling, Atkins’s story poetically portrays the bonds of sisterhood, a sense of community and belonging, trauma confronted from internal and external forces, and ancestral ties to the motherland. 

Amalie Atkins is an artist working across film, photography and installation who lives and works in Saskatoon. She has exhibited widely nationally and internationally, including in Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, New York City, the UK, Berlin, Austria and Australia.  

where the hour floats was part of the 2019 Capture Photography Festival Selected Exhibition Program. 

All Images: Installation view of Amalie Atkins where the hour floats, exhibition at the Art Gallery at Evergreen, 2019. Photo: Rachel Topham Photography. 



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