As the final installment of the AGE’s series exhibitions in 2016 celebrating Coquitlam’s 125th anniversary, Coquitlam Collects features a diverse selection of works drawn from private collections in Coquitlam and the Tri-Cities. With significant works by local, regional, national and international artists, the exhibition presents something a portrait of the artistic interests of people in Coquitlam through the public sharing of cultural riches that have pride of place in private homes.

The exhibition will also serve as a catalyst for conversations about how art becomes a part the everyday lives lived by people in the communities that the Evergreen serves. It will reveal something of the wide diversity of reasons why people choose the work they choose to hang upon the wall. For example, in more than one instance, a collector will say the artwork chose them rather than they chose the art work. Artists will often trade work with other artists and sometimes a work of art is a welcome gift from a generous friend or its passed down in a family. Sometimes a work of art might be found in an unlikely place at a garage sale, in a thrift store or hanging in a gallery washroom but the true value is measured not in dollars but in the intellectual, emotional or downright visual pleasure it brings to the person upon whose wall it hangs day in and day out.

The exhibition will feature work in a variety of media from paintings to prints to drawings to even a couple of animation cels. Viewers will see terrific works from local, national and international artists such as Jack Shadbolt, Gordon Smith, Ellsworth Kelly, Gathie Falk, Leanne Christie, Reza Doust, Iver Stump, and Gu Xiong among many others.