Image: Installation view of Screenshots of Home (detail), Art Gallery at Evergreen, 2021. Photo by Rachel Topham Photography.

The Art Gallery at Evergreen‘s Outdoor Exhibitions offer a safe way for Lake Lafarge visitors to engage with local artists.

 The Art Gallery at Evergreen (AGE) has curated a series of public-facing artworks on the exterior windows of the Evergreen Cultural Centre. These Outdoor Exhibitions are presented in conjunction with our exhibition programming and create opportunities for park visitors to engage with art in a low-barrier, safe public setting with limited health concerns and offer respite for park visitors and passersby.  

Prompted by COVID-19 preventative measures and to increase art access during a time of substantial stress, we reached our community by using the exterior building windows as a presentation space for artworks. Sponsorship funding from the City of Coquitlam has enabled us to continue our series of outdoor public-facing artworks throughout 2021.  

This Outdoor Exhibition series presents several exciting opportunities: to provide the community access to contemporary artwork in a highly used public space in the City of Coquitlam; to contribute meaningful artistic content to the AGE’s participation in community life outside the gallery walls; and to raise public awareness of the art gallery and the artists it exhibits. 

Seedling (cedar)
Hyung-Min Yoon

Available to view until October 31, 2021

Seedling (cedar) (2021), by artist Hyung-min Yoon, is a location-based augmented reality (AR) sculpture situated on Lafarge Lake, adjacent to the Evergreen Cultural Centre. 

The sculpture takes the form of a reconstructed and enlarged micro-CT scan of a germinating western red cedar, which is accessed through smart devices, allowing audiences to experience this site-specific artwork during their park walk. Seedling (cedar) is a new work in the artist’s ongoing series of sculptural installations that are positioned on bodies of water. Each work addresses the artist’s interest in the history of language. 

This new work, in existing virtually on Lafarge Lake—a human-made lake that was once a quarry and donated to the City of Coquitlam by Lafarge Cement Company in the 1970s—addresses the relationship between nature and culture and the impact of settler colonialism on the land. This digital experience offers an opportunity for viewers to reflect on the area’s natural history, as well as the ancient characters, languages and metaphors that have shaped humankind’s relationship to trees for millennia.  

Hyung-min Yoon is a visual artist working between Vancouver and Seoul. Her work uses a variety of media and forms, with an interest in language, translation and the elemental roots of meaning. Yoon received her BFA from the Korean National University of the Arts, Seoul, and her MFA from Chelsea College of Arts, London.  Her work has been exhibited at local and international venues.  

Seedling (cedar) is presented by the Art Gallery at Evergreen, developed by Hammer & Tong, and generously supported by the BC Arts Council and the Province of British Columbia. Curated by Katherine Dennis and coordinated by Kate Henderson.

Image: Installation view of PLACE, exhibition at the Art Gallery at Evergreen, 2021. Photo by Rachel Topham Photography.

PLACE: A Nomadic Gallery in British Columbia
Outdoor artworks by Romane Bladou 

Available to view until November 07, 2021

Romane Bladou (she/hers) is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice sits within the expanded field of photography and investigates liminal spaces and our sensorial relationship to place. Bladou practices close looking as she experiences her environment while walking or on transit. Bladou uses writing, sound, photography and videography to record these experiences, and uses projection and reflection to translate these moments into installations.  

In this collection of photographs from her series, Sur le ferryboat, assieds-toi, (2018-20), Bladou captures quiet moments of waiting and the anticipation of arrival. Curtain-draped windows and table seating on ferry boats provide a familiar domestic environment that encourages leisurely contemplation while in transit. As a passenger on a ferry boat, distance marks the passing of time and windows become a frame for this experience. As the landscape drifts by, each image is replaced by a new view, similar to the cinematic experience of watching a film. Through the window, Bladou documents the way light interacts with the undulating, translucent surface of the water surrounding the vessel, drawing comparisons to the way a windowpane refracts light. 

Bladou’s images speak to the understanding of place as transitory and in flux. Sur le ferryboat, assieds-toi invites moments of reflection and slowness while asking us to consider our relationship to place and the multi-sensorial experience of traveling on water. 

The Art Gallery is Open!

PLACE: A Nomadic Gallery in British Columbia

This touring exhibition, conceptualized by the Nomadic Gallery and presented by the BC Francophone Cultural and Artistic Council, features the work of five BC-based francophone artists who address identity and relationship to territory as well as question the multiple complex relationships to the ideas of place, displacement and belonging. 

Visit the Art Gallery: Thursday – Friday, 12 – 6PM | Saturday – Sunday, 12 – 5PM. 

Situated on the shores of Lafarge Lake in Town Centre Park, Evergreen Cultural Centre exists on the unceded, traditional and ancestral core territory of the kʷikʷəƛ̓əm (Kwikwetlem) First Nation. Thanks to backlit panels behind the artwork designed by our amazing tech team, this exhibition is available to view all day long on our exterior lobby windows.