“What other forms of housing can you imagine?” Today in the Lower Mainland, even living “small” seems out of reach. Artist Germaine Koh proposed a do-it-yourself approach to the challenges of the current housing climate in her exhibition Home Made Home. Building prototypes, functional structures and small dwellings, Koh draws attention to alternative means for modern living. 

Germaine Koh is a Canadian visual artist based in Vancouver, although she spends a great deal of time on Salt Spring Island, where much of her building takes place. Her approach to her art exemplifies what it means to have an artistic practice that allows for the kind of continual learning that happens through making. Her resulting artworks demonstrate her ongoing investigation of the significance of everyday actions, familiar objects and common places.  

Home Made Home was originally produced by the Richmond Art Gallery and was curated by Nan Capogna.  

All images: Installation view of 
Germaine Koh: Home Made Home, exhibition at the Art Gallery at Evergreen, 2018. Photography: Rachel Topham Photography. 


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