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With more than 50+ Performing Arts events every season in the studio theatre, a public art gallery, arts camps and classes, school workshops, and a full calendar of rental events and workshops, Team Evergreen’s volunteers play a crucial role in bringing our performing + visual arts programming to life. We’re always looking for positive, art-minded people from all walks of life to join our team, and we are committed to promoting a safe, accessible, and inclusive community of volunteers. 

Check out our list of Volunteer Positions below and find the one that’s right for you!



  • Shifts scheduled between September + August during our season of Performing Arts Events
  • Events can be scheduled Monday to Sunday, and are most frequently scheduled in the evenings. Some afternoon matinees and morning performances are also available throughout the season. 
  • Shifts are typically 3.5 hours long
  • Volunteers are asked to commit to a minimum of two shifts every month
Coat Check

The primary role of a Coat Check volunteer is to manage and retrieve non-valuables items stored in the coat check while providing courteous and professional service. Coat Check volunteers are friendly and customer-focused. They work during performances and rental events that are scheduled in the Studio Theatre and ensure all checked-in items are cared for during the event.


Ushers collect tickets, greet our audiences, hand-out brochures, ensure theatre etiquette and safety regulations are being followed, and help monitor Front of House activities. Ushers have great customer service skills and play an important role as the first point of contact person entering the lobby and Studio TheatreThey may also be asked to help with clean up after a performance or event.


Concession volunteers MUST have their Serving it Right certification and be 19 + years of age. Concession volunteers are organized and efficient in a fast-paced environment, serving beverages and pre-packaged snacks to our audiences before the curtain call and during intermission periods. These volunteers are scheduled to work during theatre performances,  gallery receptions, and rental events. These volunteers usually work in pairs and have serving experience.

Bar Cashiers

Bar Cash volunteers MUST have their Serving it Right certification and be 19 + years of age. Bar cashiers are organized and efficient, handling money from our patrons and selling food + drink tickets to be redeemed for pre-packaged food items and beverages at our concession. These volunteers are comfortable handling Canadian currencycalculating costs, and screening customers for ID when necessary. Bar Cashiers work during theatre performances, gallery receptions, and other rental events.


Our volunteers may be asked occasionally to work merchandise when artists + performances have merchandise like CDs or T-Shirts to sell. This position requires a confident, outgoing volunteer that is comfortable handling Canadian currency and making changeThis is a great position for those with an outgoing personality.

Gallery Greeters

Gallery Greeters work during events & performances in the Studio Theatre to invite theatre-going guests in the lobby to check out the art gallery. Gallery Greeters welcome patrons into the gallery space, provide information on the exhibition, monitor gallery attendance, and ensure patrons follow gallery etiquette. Gallery Greeters are friendly by nature and enjoy working with the public. 


Our volunteers may occasionally be scheduled, particularly during our annual Music on the Grill series in the summer. Busser volunteers work during the BBQ dinner portion of our Music on the Grill concerts, clearing dishes from tables, pouring water, and helping with clean-up after the BBQ. This position suits you if have an outgoing personality and are able to move around with little difficulty. 



  • Shifts scheduled between September + August during Evergreen’s Season of Events
  • Wednesday – Saturday shifts are scheduled during the following times:
    12pm – 2:30pm | 2:30pm – 5pm | 6pm – 8pm 
  • Sunday shifts are scheduled during the following times:
    12pm – 2pm | 2pm – 4pm  
  • Westminster Savings Family Days shifts are scheduled during the following times:
    12:30pm – 4pm | 12:45pm – 4:30pm
Gallery Ambassadors

Gallery Ambassadors are schedule during our regular Art Gallery hours. These volunteers like working with the public and are not shy about sharing information about gallery related events and exhibitions. Volunteers monitor visitor attendance, ensure visitors follow gallery etiquette, and occasionally help with other tasksThis position is well suited to students & those interested in contemporary art exhibitions. Volunteers are asked to commit to a minimum of two (2) shifts a month.

Family Days Support

Family Days, sponsored by Westminster Savings, is a fun, family-friendly event that’s open to the public – and free to attend. These volunteers will assist with studio set-up, help facilitate hands-on activities, distribute supplies and help with clean-up. Our Family Days volunteers love working in an artfocused, fast-paced environment. Volunteers that sign up for this program may work up to eight (8) times a year during our Saturday workshop and hands-on activity. Volunteers MUST be able to commit to all eight (8) Saturday workshops in the year.



  • Each AGE Youth Committee Member must be a high-school student, and available to meet for meetings after school during the academic year
AGE Youth Committee Member

These special youth volunteers are students with a strong interest in visual arts and leadership development. The committee meets regularly during the academic year to discuss, plan, and produce a youthdriven project for youth that corresponds with the Gallery’s annual Emerging Talent exhibition. Students are chosen based on their interest in the arts and leadership abilities. Depending on volunteer availability, field-trips may be planned throughout the year. Committee members are also expected to perform Gallery Ambassador duties. Volunteers are asked to commit to a minimum of two (2) shifts a month.



  • Shifts are scheduled during school hours throughout the academic year 

  • Monday – Friday shifts are scheduled during the following times:
    9am – 12pm | 12pm – 3pm
  • Shifts typically three (3) hours long

  • Volunteers are asked to commit to a minimum of two (2) shifts every month

Workshop Assistants

Perfect for volunteers who love working with children, or in a fast-paced, artistic environment. Our Arts Education workshops are booked by teachers with an interest in exposing their students to artmaking in our studio spaces and a guided gallery tour. Workshop assistants are energetic, outgoing, have great listening skills, and work well in a team environment. They will assist with studio set-up, help facilitate group management, hands-on activities, distribute supplies and help with clean-up, and should have some interest in visual arts education.



  • Visual + Performing Arts Camp shifts are scheduled during March and July 

  • Arts Camp shifts are scheduled from Monday – Friday during camp hours (8:30am – 4:30pm) for a total of 40 hours weekly
  • Outreach + Community Event shifts are scheduled during July, August, October, and November 

  • Outreach + Community Event shifts are usually 3 – 4 hours long
Arts Camp Councillors

Our Camp Councillors make camp a rewarding experience for campers, during both the spring and summer monthsThey assist staff in break-time activities, help guide campers through performance scenes, and facilitate hands-on art projectsArt Camp Councillors work a full day for a full week, and are asked to sign-up for a minimum of one week of our campsArt Camp Councillors can expect to accumulate 40 volunteer hours during a week of camp, and must be able to commit to aorientation session before camp begins.

Outreach + Community Event Assistant

Our Outreach + Community Event volunteers work alongside our Evergreen Staff at one-day special events like Canada Day, Neighbourhood NightsWelcome to Coquitlam (W2Q), the Kaleidoscope festival, and the Lights at Lafarge opening night. They help with set-up, take-down, and hands-on activities, as well as assist with sharing information about the Evergreen. Occasionally, volunteers are recruited from our active volunteer list for these events, but we also have room for new volunteers that can only commit to oneday events throughout the year. 

Need more information? Want to talk to someone about an opportunity you are unsure of?
We’re here to help! Contact our Volunteer Coordinator by Email or call 604-927-6550.