Some Intersections was a solo exhibition of paintings and audio works by Vancouver-based artist Erin McSavaney. McSavaney sources the imagery for his paintings using photographs taken from the vantage point of a passenger in a car. These fleeting images have a complex illusion of space and often incorporate the automobile window as a framing device for the painting. The blurred sections of the images set next to very finely painted details of roadways, fields, manicured parks and urban intersections call attention to McSavaney’s skill as a painter and his ability to give meaning to these private snapshot moments. Through the process of taking a road trip, photographing, editing and finally creating the painting, McSavaney allows us to experience the public world from the intimacy of his car.

A sound installation composed by McSavaney accompanied the installation. The audio acts as a companion to the visual, accentuating the slowing down of time and providing a sense of movement within the still images, while recreating the experience of being in the enclosed vessel of a car. Through this experience, the viewer learns to hear the paintings.

All images: Installation view of Erin McSavaney: Some Intersections, exhibition at the Art Gallery at Evergreen, 2014. Photograph: Blaine Campbell.