The Evergreen staff is like a small family… dysfunctional at times, but always supportive of each other! We have a lot of fun here and our people are the best part of working here so — here it goes! Meet our Marketing Manager – ANDREA!

How long have you worked at the Evergreen?… I have only worked here for about 1 1/2 years… I moved to Coquitlam from Calgary back in 2014.

What is the best show you’ve seen at the venue?… Oooh…. There have been a few, but I think one that stands out in my mind were THE BILLS who played at Music on the Grill last summer (2017). The event was well attended, the BBQ dinner was wonderful and it was an absolutely beautiful evening. It was one of those glorious summer nights that stand out.

Why did you choose to be involved in the Arts?… The Arts kind of chose me. After working in the NHL for 8 years and then to a major attraction in Vancouver, I just felt kind of burnt out and needed something that fulfilled me as a person. I dabble in acrylic painting in my spare time so wanted to find something that would be more creatively rewarding. A job in the arts in the Tri-Cities was a stepping stone to the Evergreen.

What is your favourite show/program/exhibition you’ve seen here?… I LOVE Kids on Stage because my son loves it… even before I started working here we found this camp and he’s been going to it ever since 2014 when we moved to Coquitlam. No where else do kids get to write their own scripts, creative costumes, work on props AND perform in a theatre… all within a week-long camp!

What are you most looking forward to this season?… I am most looking forward to Sean McCann… I was a HUGE Great Big Sea fan as a university student… can’t wait to see him perform in March!!

What is your favorite TV show or movie, and why?… My favorite TV show has to be Gilmore Girls. Seriously, if I could live in Stars Hollow and operate a country inn with my best friend Melissa McCarthy I’d be in heaven… oh, and eating in a diner for every meal wouldn’t be too bad either!

Favorite place to go, place to eat, activity to do, or hidden gem you’ve discovered in the Tri-Cities?… We love to hike Minnekada as a family. I can’t believe that this wonderful park is only a 5 minute drive from our house. We grab a treat/coffee from Caffe Divano and hit the trails!        

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