March 14 - 16, 2023



3 days, 6 shows, 100+ laughs!

Our Spring Break Festival is a huge hit for our school-aged theatre fans!

Six shows over three days to choose from.


Join the “almost-world-famous” Dufflebag Theatre Company for our 2023 Spring Break Festival! These family-friendly fairytales are available over 3 days and are great for all ages. There are always a ton of laughs to be had, and you may even get to be part of the show!

Peter Pan

March 14 & 16, 10AM | March 15, 1PM

Wendy Darling is sad to learn that she’s growing too old to stay in the nursery any longer, and must move to the adult wing of the house. But when an adventurous young boy offers to fly her to Neverland where she can stay young forever, Wendy is catapulted into an adventure filled with magic pixies, charming pirates, and talking trees! As Peter Pan battles his arch-nemesis Captain Hook in DuffleBag Theatre’s fun version of J.M. Barrie’s beloved classic, even grown-ups will feel like kids again!


March 14 & 16, 1PM | March 15, 10AM

When a handsome but arrogant prince insults anold woman who appears at his door he finds himself magically transformed into a “horrible, nasty Beast”! The spell can only be broken when he learns to love another more than he loves himself. Fortunately, fate sends a bright and beautiful village girl, searching for her missing father, towards the hidden castle. Can the Beast learn his lesson and redeem himself before it’s too late? DuffleBag’s adaptation of this timeless classic is guaranteed to ring a Belle!

Want more family-friendly programming?

Part of our full season of performing arts events, our Family Series focuses on the youngest art lovers in the        Tri-Cities. Featuring flexible ticket prices, earlier show times, and professional children’s theatre performers, there’s something for the whole family!

“DuffleBag was a tremendous success with the audience- both young and old alike. I was, to be honest, astonished at the verve with which the audience IMMEDIATELY responded to the performers.”


Tamsin Miller, Whistler Community Arts Council