March 19 - 21 2024



3 days, 6 shows, 100+ laughs!

Our Spring Break Festival is a huge hit for our school-aged theatre fans!

Six shows over three days to choose from.


Join the “almost-world-famous” Dufflebag Theatre Company for our 2024 Spring Break Festival! These family-friendly fairytales are available over 3 days and are great for all ages. There are always a ton of laughs to be had, and you may even get to be part of the show!


March 19 & 21, 10AM | March 20, 1PM

Cinderella’s life is storybook perfect until she is forced into a life of drudgery in the home of her wicked stepmother and stepsisters. Things just might change for our heroine with a little magical help from her Fairy Godmother. Is Cinderella destined for a “happily ever after”? If the shoe fits…


March 19 & 21, 1PM | March 20, 10AM

While the King is away, the people of England suffer under the oppressive rule of his tax-happy brother, Prince John. Only a straight arrow like Robin Hood can save England! By stealing from the rich and giving back to the poor, Robin keeps the spirit of justice alive, with the help of a few friends along the way. But what if the Prince and the dreaded Sheriff of Nottingham lay a trap for our hero..?

Want more family-friendly programming?

Part of our full season of performing arts events, our Family Series focuses on the youngest art lovers in the        Tri-Cities. Featuring flexible ticket prices, earlier show times, and professional children’s theatre performers, there’s something for the whole family!

“DuffleBag was a tremendous success with the audience- both young and old alike. I was, to be honest, astonished at the verve with which the audience IMMEDIATELY responded to the performers.”


Tamsin Miller, Whistler Community Arts Council