The Evergreen is a community theatre and gallery, full of familiar faces with our staff, volunteers and audiences. We love what we do… and we hope that is reflected in our programming in the Gallery, Theatre and Studio spaces!



Performing Arts Manager

Loves theatre, music, books, food, movies, hockey — Oilers! Enjoys a challenging crossword.

Andrea Jabour

Marketing Manager

Intuitive painter, social media addict, lover of all things chocolate.

Katherine Dennis

Visual Arts Manager

Searching for the alchemy where art and people mix.

Gail Flasch

Office Manager

When everything balances it makes me happy. Live, love and laugh.

Amy Bigby

Box Office Manager

“Box Office Manager” because full-time multi-tasking ninja is not an actual job title.

Jessica Fowlis

Marketing Assistant

Stargazer, coffee addict, theatre enthusiast. Proponent of all hand-lettered, handmade things.

Filio Kondylis

Volunteer Coordinator

Beautiful Kaos, meet me under the canopy of night, beside the river’s moonlit waters.

Tanya Mathivanan

Box Office Asst. Manager

Artistic/Managing Director of Aenigma theatre and lover of all furry mammals.

Dalton Yanciw

Box Office

Box office grunt. Enjoys all arts and dogs. Spirit animal: Cookie Monster

Marley Jordan

Box office

Dancer, choreographer and scrunchie enthusiast.

Sandra Andrew

Front of House Coordinator

Ruled as present by a 15-year-old Cuban dictator named Muffin.

Krista Pavane

Tech Operations Manager

Making things happen auto-magically.

Mathew McCarthy

Head tech

I do what Krista says, not as she does.

Stephanie Bruce

Tech Assistant

No comment.

Thomas Osmond

Tech Assistant

Audio junkie. Man-child.

Wendy Anderson

Visual Arts Instructor

Artzeel visual arts advocate and kid at heart.

Michael Charrois

Performing Arts Instructor

I use Theatre Arts to teach courage, freedom and respect.

Mandy Tulloch

Performing Arts instructor

Opening up the world of possibilities to students is a priceless gem.

Emily Choi

Visual Arts Instructor

Often found covered in clay and with snacks on hand.

Sojin Kim

Gallery Assistant

Poodle-lover known for leading amazing English and Korean exhibition tours.

Tajliya Jamal

Assistant Curator

Still trying to figure out if comics, printmaking and experimental animation go together somehow.

Annika Mountain

Front of House Assistant

Outdoor pursuits enthusiast, nature lover, figure skater and grateful mom of 2.

Randi Edmundson


Theatre artist. Puppeteer. Dog lover. Keen on experimentation, collaboration and fun!

Michael Arzadon

Performing Arts Instructor