Image: Installation view of Han-soom, exhibition at the Art Gallery at Evergreen, 2022. Photo: Rachel Topham Photography.



Closed for Renovations: July 22 - September 03, 2024

This summer, the Art Gallery at Evergreen (AGE) will be closed while we upgrade our gallery’s HVAC system. This new infastructure will allow us to maintain better conditions for the artwork on display. While our main gallery space is closed, please enjoy our current public art exhibitions, located on Evergreen’s lake-side lobby windows and at the Lafarge Lake-Douglas Skytrain Station.

Image: Cindy Mochizuki, Shadow, 2019. Film still, watercolour on paper and digital animation. Part of the installation Cave to Dream. Courtesy of the artist.  

Cindy Mochizuki: stories best told at twilight

September 04 – November 17, 2024

About the Exhibition

Some stories are best told at twilight. As the sun sets below the horizon and darkness emerges, the veil lifts between the everyday and the spirit realm. Supernatural creatures inhabit our world: haunting dreams, inspiring songs and stories, appearing in the pages of legends and recounted through the memories of elders. This magic manifests in the whimsical storytelling of artist Cindy Mochizuki.

stories best told at twilight focuses on the artists telling of Japanese myths, legends and folklore. Each artwork—which might manifest as a short animation, an elaborate installation or a singular performance—is the result of an abundance of images and objects that came before. This solo exhibition goes behind the curtain, taking a rare look at the artists usually hidden creative process and spanning artworks created over more than a decade.  

Tour & Opening Reception: Saturday, September 14 | 4:30pm

Part of Evergreen Cultural Centre’s 2024/25 Season Launch