Image: Installation view of Arrangements, exhibition at the Art Gallery at Evergreen, 2020. Photo by Rachel Topham Photography.


A group exhibition that is part of the (Re)Visions: Emerging Creators Incubator

Jordon Davis
Deon Feng
Kimberly Ho
Jocelyne Junker
Nick Loewen
Wakana Shimamura
Manuel Axel Strain
Santiago Ureña

August 05 – 15, 2021

(Re)Visions is an exhibition featuring artwork by the eight multidisciplinary artists participating in the Evergreen Cultural Centre’s (ECC) inaugural Emerging Creators Incubator: Jordon Davis, Deon Feng, Kimberly Ho, Jocelyne Junker, Nick Loewen, Wakana Shimamura, Manuel Axel Strain and Santiago Ureña.  

From May to August 2021, the artists received mentorship from ECC staff, including David Mann, General Arts Manager, and Kate Henderson, Visual Arts Manager, who shared their knowledge about performing arts programming and exhibition curation, respectively. Guest artists and cultural workers also provided mentorship and presentations for the artists, including multidisciplinary artists Simranpreet Anand, Nicole Kelly Westman, and Whess Harman, curator at grunt gallery. The Incubator artists also had access to the studios and facilities at ECC, in addition to receiving support from staff. Working across creative writing, visual arts and performing arts, the artists in (Re)Visions explore intersectional identity, collaboration and the expansive possibilities of the future. 

Considering the personal and communal impact of the past year and a half, the artists reflect on the ongoing reckoning of systemic racism, social injustice and the climate crisis amid a global pandemic. The artworks in this ten-day exhibition are the outcome of conversations and creative exploration as the artists came together to learn, make and (re)imagine a way forward.  

The Emerging Creators Incubator is co-coordinated by Evergreen Cultural Centre’s Youth Engagement and Performing Arts Assistant, Valentina Acevedo Montilla, and Curatorial Assistant, Anna Luth.